Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Curious Case of Vintage Buttons

My twin, Jorjah-B, and I went to a lovely little resale shop in Chicago two weeks ago in the first of her two weekend visits. She found this sweater, yet decided not to buy it for its wool had shrunk. I thought it might be worth buying to try to stretch, for it was such a great sweater, mainly for its buttons. However, not for $10.

The next weekend, I returned to the same store, and the sweater was still there. Now marked $8, and all clothing was 1/2 off. $4 for vintage buttons. Worth it! I did try to wash and stretch, but to no avail. Incidentally, I did get the buttons out of it. What's even better is that night, I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. There's a scene where buttons are swept across a table by Benjamin, and gathered in a jar. A button identical to these is amidst that pile. That made my $4 buttons priceless!!! The movie is a must-see, by the way.

I may try to use these on another sweater or piece of clothing, or possibly make another jewelry piece. Whatever I do with them, I'll be sure to post about it!


Georgia B. said...

such a cute sweater! if i had a daughter, i would have bought it in a heartbeat.

i hate to see the buttons get separated from the sweater. it's such a lovely combination.

but i love the post, and i can't wait to see the movie now.

angel cake said...

I agree. It was difficult to cut those buttons off. But it had to be done. The sweater is too bulky for a child that size.

But I assure you, you will like their new home. ;)

MoneyBonanza said...
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Mrs.French said...

I am kind of swooning over your photographs...the buttons are lovely too...xo t

Buki Family said...

Georgia is right... even if the sweater shrunk, it would look darling on a little girl!... too bad it is bulky... so can you undo the knit in the sweater and reuse the wool too? You could knit yourself a bulky warm scarf... and put buttons on it!

Chris said...

It's very pretty. I agree with Georgia that it'd make a great child's sweater!