Friday, July 17, 2009

You'll never leave where you are until you
decide where you'd rather be..

Rococo Zephyr
She lay beside me like a branch from a tender willow tree
I was as still, as still as a river could be
When a rococo zephyr swept over her and me

She watched the water ripple ripple ripple ripple light
Light watched the water ripple ripple ripple ripple she
I did some kind of dance, jaunty as a bee
I tried to look my best, a finch in wild mint vest
A fiercer force had wrenched her from where she used to be
I caught and caressed the length of her, a tender willow branch floating on me

Well maybe this was all, was all meant to be
Maybe this is all, is all that meant to be
A rococo zephyr crept up and stepped over her and me

Well I used to be sort of blind
Now I can sort of see

("Let's Run Away Forever" photo via flickr's finest.
All other photo belong to and are by Angela Heldman)


elk said...

l love your space here and am glad to visit the images are so powerful yet soft as is a big plus...blessings~elk

here from georgia's...

georgia b. said...

this is beautiful.

maccandace said...

Wow, very, very lovely. I'm here from Georgia's, as well.

joyce said...

That's a wonderful quote, about deciding where you want tobe. For me personally...its very thought provoking.

(ps, here from georgia too!!)

Vince said...

I was playing games online however for reading this post more interesting thanks for the share please do keep it going great job....Loveing this.


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