Monday, July 20, 2009

Synonymous : Unhurried

I recently had an idea for a new collaborative project with my twin sister, Georgia. (Our Ethereal blog was our first collaboration.)

I named this new project Synophotography, and I've asked my sister to design its logo (above). We will alternate choosing a word and posting a synonymous photo that accompanies that word well in our eyes. In response, the other will post another word that is synonymous with the associated photo.

Georgia starts us out. Her chosen word: languid. Click here to see her languid photo.

My synonymous choice: unhurried.


Char said...

he(she?) does look rather unhurried

apriliniowa said...

Your dog could melt hearts with those big languid dark eyes. & capturing the word "Soltice" should be interesting. love this challenge.

elk said...

it's a dogs life for sure...mine lives the same unhurried life!

Anonymous said...

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